Dave Wolever

Acoustic Rock

Once upon a time Dave borrowed his older sisters electric guitar to “check it out”… he never gave it back. Inspired by bands such as KISS, AC/DC, and QUEEN, among others, his desire to perform live became a driving force.

In a matter of a few years he began performing with various local bands, RESTLESS, the RISK and SPECIAL GUEST to name a few. Shortly thereafter he started composing his own songs. One of his early compositions, the audience welcoming, ”So Happy To See You’’, placed second with the band USS in his high school talent show. Another song, ”I Want You”, recorded with the band SPECIAL GUEST, was selected for the 95X Son of Soundcheck album.

Through the 80’s he continued to play and record with many musical projects, including: BRIDLSKAR, STINGER,and the CLYDE BARROW BAND. In 1989 he joined what would become the longstanding band DOCTOR BOOGIE and continued to perform with them throughout the 90’s to present.He has continued to add more originals to his catalog and has won Oswego’s Harborfest Song Contest five times. (1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2008.)

In 2002 Doctor Boogie released a full length all original CD and it has since sold out of print. In more recent years Dave has performed with the bands BIGGS ‘N TWIGGS, TEN PENNY, SIDESHOW, and currently with the bands OFF THE RESERVATION and UNDER THE RADAR. All this as well as a solo act.

The Dave Wolever acoustic solo performance draws from many influences, from classic rock, 80’s, 90’s, to modern rock, delivered with power, presence, and a pure love of the music… “check it out”
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